6. Feld am See
ITF Seniors Open
Grade 2

Last updated: 16 June 2020

Dear participants of the Feld am See ITF Seniors Open,

hopefully no one of you is affected personally by the Covid 19 pandemic and you are all healthy and well.

Our ITF tournament is still listed in the ITF-tournament calendar. The ITF will make the decision about the continuation of all tournaments from september to december 2020 at 31st of July. 

I am hopeful that the ITF tournament can be played. If the Seniors Circuit will be canceled from september to the end of the year, we will organize this tournament as a DTB S 2 ranking and performance class tournament. All participants can receive ranking and performance class points.

The Austrian Tennis Association would also rate this tournament with the value of an ITF tournament for the Austrian ranking, according to the ÖTV Seniors President Alfred Schwab.

Interested players should contact me before the end of July to make their entries: albrecht.helge@t-online.de.

If the tournament cannot be played as part of the ITF Senior Cicuit, the tournament-team will discuss an adjustment of the entry fees in august.

Kind regards, hope to see you again healthy in Feld am See,

Helge Albrecht



Dear Tennis Seniors,

For the sixth time, tennis seniors can experience a unique tournament week at Brennseehof in Feld am See, Carinthia’s best sports hotel. Attendees will spend a perfect, relaxing and sportive tennis holiday at the tournament hotels ‘Brennseehof’ and ‘Alte Post’.
The ITF Grade 2 tournament is being played on the seven well-kept sand courts of the Hotel Brennseehof, the three courts of the Sportschule Krainer and the tennis complex Afritzer See. The tournament was upgraded from Grade 4 to Grade 2 in its fourth year already.

The tennis complex, situated in close proximity to the hotel, offers apart from the ITF tournament some time for sporting relaxation with its generous pool, sauna and wellness area. The tournament is run exemplary by the highly experienced Mallorca Seniors Open team under the guidance of tournament director Helge Albrecht. Participants can earn precious ITF, DTB, ÖTV and LK ranking points as well as making use of the great training opportunities on site. Participants and their companions will be provided with an unforgettable tournament experience in Feld am See.